Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Why do people keep singing all the time?

 Well, why do you sing? Because you’re happy? In case auld acquaintance should be forgot? Because you have a tune stuck in your head? Because you want to be famous? Because it annoys your brother so much?

 Do you ever find yourself singing the song of a robin? Or barking like a dog?


 Well, that’s a relief.

 So, why not?

 Why do you sing?

1 comment:

  1. I sing ALL THE TIME! I am quite an embarrassment and my kids had a terrible time with me when they were younger. I sing sotto voce round the supermarket, a bit louder at home and when I'm in the bath, or on my own anywhere, then I am at full throttle. I sing because I love the sound it makes and how it makes me feel. Yehudi Menuhim said that singing every day was essential for happiness. Also I have a good voice I think and like to fantasise that I'm Barbra Streisand, or some such.