Monday, 21 January 2013

Do you have to be mad to be an artist?

 Mica’s family and friends think that creating new things - making something out of nothing - is a certain sign of madness.

 If sanity is knowing what’s real, then of course they're right.

 So, does all human progress depend on madness?


And in that case how valuable madness is, and how much we should cherish it.


  1. Yes, I suppose you do have to be, but there are so many thousands of people doing it, or having a go at it, irrespective of how good/beautiful what they're doing is, that on some level at least TRYING to make things seems to be very normal and probably hardwired into most people. So let's say the impulse is there in us all but in some there's a dearth of skill, talent, whatever that prevents them from being REAL ARTISTS! Doesn't matter...the impulse is enough.

  2. Gosh, there's matter there for a several books, Adele.
    I agree there is a difference between making things and being an artist, but I'm not sure it's to do with skill or talent. If you knit a jumper to a pattern, for instance, I think it'll only be a work of art if you choose the wool yourself.

    Is the art is all in the choosing, and the choosing to choose?