Friday, 18 January 2013

A spider’s web. It’s beautiful, but is it art?

I do wish I wouldn’t go around asking these questions. It’d be so much easier if I ignored them. After all, I could easily kill off a few extra animals if I wanted to detract attention from any holes in my plot.

 Still, now I’m here...

I remember once going to a brilliant exhibition of very modern art with one of my daughters. We were blown away by the originality and beauty of the work on display.

One of the last things we looked at was a brass pierced strip which was set into the floor. It was gorgeous.

But then one of us said: hang on. I think it might be a ventilator...

Art comes with four working parts: a) the thinking, b) the making, c) the seeing, and d) the thinking again.

 Do we have to have all four parts operating for it to be art?

 Surely one’s enough.

 So. That spider’s web. I’m not sure about a); and d) will be down to the observer.

 But I think there must be some art in a spider’s web.

 Don’t you?

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  1. Spiders' webs are the sort of thing that makes you wonder about the meaning of EVERYTHING....they are most beautiful but whether a spider thinks I don't know. EBWHite certainly thought Charlotte did and she was a good writer as we all know so maybe....