Thursday, 10 January 2013

Could you and your mates bring down a giant wild bull with your bare hands?

 Well, could you? Probably you could, if there were enough of you and you didn’t all run away.


The chances are that some of you would get hurt, though.

 Neanderthal skeletons show signs of many broken bones, and the pattern of these injuries echo the injuries sustained by rodeo riders, who also, of course, get up close to wild animals.

 In SONG HUNTER my heroine Mica is terrified of the great bulls, but she still has to go out hunting for them.

 It’s hunt or starve for her people.

 Which would you choose?



  1. I would probably starve. It would be a very lame boar indeed who couldn't get away from me. I cannot run...maybe someone would take pity on me and chew up a bit of boar for me now and then. Hope so!

  2. Or perhaps you could be the one back at headquarters scraping the hides and child-minding. It must have been a good few years before the children would have been any use at hunting, so child-minders must have been much needed.