Friday, 4 January 2013

Could you survive a new Ice Age?


We have no proof that any human in England has ever survived the coldest parts of an Ice Age. Humans seem to have abandoned what the prehistorians call Doggerland (which included England) as the weather grew colder.

 What about you, though? You, the modern man with the mobile phone and the ready-meals? Could you survive an ice age?

 Well, you could buy yourself some very good clothing, and I’m sure someone would make and sell you a nice warm house to live in.

 It’d have to be a house you can pick up and carry, though, or it’d be likely to end up under several hundred metres of ice.

 Your car won’t be much good on all that ice, but of course you’ll get a snowmobile.

You’ll be in trouble if you fancy a slice of bread, though: there’ll be no soil available in which to sow the wheat to make the flour, and it’ll be much too cold for anything to grow anyway.

 I suppose you might be all right as long as there were people further south to grow your food.

 But what would you give them in return?

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  1. I can barely survive a fall of unusual leaves on the line or a dusting of snow! This makes me genuinely scared and I would resort to desperate measures to avoid it! Grim!