Sunday, 20 January 2013

Why are kids so annoying?

 Finally you discover how to get things working properly, and then what happens?

 The flipping kids come along and want to start changing things.

 Now, a middle-aged or elderly person will have seen it all before - and not only seen it, but survived it. This is why a wrinkly will feel pretty sure that a) whatever happens, everyone will end up where they started, and, b) that there’s no point in wasting energy on new-fangled ideas.

 Everyone will manage as they are, and the thing that every kid has to remember is that Mother or Father or Uncle or teacher or priest or Grandad or boss or Great-Aunt or even (most infuriatingly) your best friend knows best.

 So what can a heroine do then?


  1. Think that the accumulated wisdom of ages is WRONG. Or could be improved. Or adopt the attitude of "the World is horrible. And it's their fault. Let's see how we get on." The danger then is of throwing the baby out with the bathwater...but fun for a novelist!

  2. 'The World is horrible. And it's their fault.'

    If you look at it that way you really can't blame young people for being a bit chippy, can you.

    Good for them, I say.