Monday, 28 January 2013

How to make your blood strong.

An Inuit hunter will drink the blood of a slaughtered seal to make his own blood strong. It is said that as he drinks you can see the veins on his wrists becoming darker and thicker.

 How can that be true?

 Well, the Inuit say it's true, and surely they must know.

 I can’t claim to understand what’s going on in the minds, and perhaps the veins, of the Inuit on these occasions.

 But it makes me wonder if the fact that SONG HUNTER is about Neanderthals makes much difference to our chance of understanding them.


  1. You make all your characters eminently believable. Stopped worrying about what they were and just got on with liking/laughing at/ getting annoyed with them...and worrying about them!

  2. Thanks, Adele - but it was strange, especially at first, to get so close so something that wasn't quite human. Something wilder. More unpredictable. More physical, too.

    It wasn't at all a comfortable thing to do.