Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Why are adults so, like, annoying?

 Annoying adults aren't a problem unique to SONG HUNTER, of course; or even unique to children’s fiction.

 It’s a question worth asking, though, all the same.

 The answer is far from simple and even further from easy. I mean, you could write a dozen books about it..., hang on a minute, I have written a dozen books about it...

 In SONG HUNTER the answer splits pretty much into two.

 1) Adults are annoying because they’re doing quite nicely with things as they are, thank you, and so they strongly resist any challenge to their status.

 2) Adults are annoying because they mistake experience for wisdom, whereas (as we all know) experience is all too often nothing but the temptation to repeat a mistake.

 And as for all the, like, nagging...


  1. Like that closing aphorism a lot. I will put it up on Twitter!

  2. Thanks, Adele. More on annoying KIDS later!