Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Science of Fiction: visiting someone else’s world.

 Visiting someone else’s world? That’ll take some imagination, that will.

Luckily it needn’t necessarily be your own imagination: it could be a painter’s; or a musician’s; or a novelist’s.

 What’s it like to be a Neanderthal? What’s it like to see the winters getting colder and the animals fewer?

Is inhabiting another world a sign of madness?

And what if madness is your only chance of survival?

Is a mad you, really you?

 Those are some of the questions I've long wanted to explore.

And that's why I wrote SONG HUNTER.



  1. And you even manage to provide some ANSWERS which as we all know are much harder than questions!

  2. Well, a couple of possibilities, anyway!

    Writing a novel does give me a chance to think about something quite deeply for a whole year, which is a huge luxury, and I'm glad you felt something emerged from the swamp.