Thursday, 20 December 2012

How cold is an igloo?

In isolated places in the American Arctic shelters are provided for the use of huntsmen caught out in bad weather.

 Despite this, a lot of the hunters prefer to dig themselves an igloo. It’s warmer.


 Because snow falls as flat crystals, and this means that as the snow settles air gets trapped between the flakes. The result is that a covering of snow works just like a great thick duvet.


 An igloo is obviously jolly handy if you’re caught out at night in the intense cold. 

But what can you do if you have no shovel?

And what can you do if igloos haven't been invented yet?


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  1. Well, they say that, don't they? I remain to be convinced....I'd rather have a duvet of the traditional kind. But I'm already worrying about your heroine. How is she going to keep warm? What a lot of things you have to think about if you are a Neanderthal...