Friday, 21 December 2012

So you think last summer was bad...


 My poor Neanderthals didn’t half see some weather.

 SONG HUNTER is set 40,000 years ago. England (which wasn’t on an island, then, but was part of a landmass generally called, very charmingly, Doggerland) was mostly steppe, which is mixed grassland and bog with a few small shrubs. The top summer temperature was about 10C. A chilly night could easily go down to -27C.

 But still, it wouldn’t have been all bad.

 It's true that my Neanderthals would have had to live with lions, giant bulls, mammoths and cave bears breathing down their necks.

 Oh, and hyenas. ..

 ...and wolves...

 ...but at least there wouldn’t have been nearly so many slugs, would there.

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  1. Well, averse as I am to slugs, I'd have to think long and hard before opting for such cold temperatures!! Even at the price of a few creepy crawlies, I think that would have been UNBEARABLE! Shiver shiver. Though isn't it strange how much FUN it is to read about fictional characters enduring dreadful weather.