Friday, 28 December 2012

Brains: not just for thinking.

I think I've already mentioned that reindeer brains, eaten raw, are a good source of vitamin C.

Well, when I say good I think I probably mean generous. Personally, given the choice, I'd go for the lemon meringue pie any day.

Anyway, brains are useful not only as a source of vitamins, but for preserving hides, too. First you have to scrape all the meat and fat off the skin, and then you rub the hide all over with a nice cold slimy handful of brains.

My Neanderthal people in SONG HUNTER spend a lot of time preparing hides. The information about how to do this came mostly from American hunters’ blogs. It seems to take a lot of care, and a long time, and it’s dreadfully smelly, especially if you’re based somewhere hot, like Arizona.

I’m sitting here at my computer wrapped in a fake fur throw; and I'm feeling extremely grateful for polyester, myself.


  1. Having just finished the lovely SONG HUNTER, I can say with my hand on my heart that I, too, am very grateful NOT to have to deal with any kind of brains. Let alone Mammoth brains. How far we have come, eh? As a species....

  2. Thank you very much indeed, Adele, I'm truly delighted you liked the book.

    Yes, there's been progress, but it's quite patchy, isn't it. Leather processing is still largely the very smelly and messy job of those outside the caste system in India, I believe.