Sunday, 3 February 2013

Warm dark violence.

The grassland of Mica’s home has been likened to a frozen Serengeti. There was plenty of big game, especially in the Spring and Autumn, and some of the largest and smallest animals might have stayed throughout the year.

 Apart from the grazers (the great aurochs cattle, the giant deer, the mammoths, the woolly rhinoceroses) there would have been predators, too. Lions, there were, as well as wolves and bears (oh my!). As if that wasn’t enough, there were hyenas, too (most surprisingly in that cold climate) and smaller fierce creatures such as wolverines and weasels.

 Mica and her family had lots of competition when hunting for food.

 They would always, always, have had to remember that they were not only hunters, but prey.


  1. Ithink that last remark sounds rather profound and would make a very good shout line for the novel Terrifying thought!

  2. Terrifying indeed. Let's face it, I don't even like going into fields with cows in them.

    Neanderthals in England ate horses a lot, apparently: just like English people nowadays when they eat a beefburger.