Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vole clocks.

Vole clocks?

 Oh, vole clocks are like moustache ukuleles.

 Well, okay, they’re only like moustache ukuleles in that they remind me I’m living in an infinitely wonderful world.

 (A moustache ukulele is a ukulele with educational pictures of various different types of moustache painted all over it.)

 Vole clocks are used by archaeologists to date remains. Voles have evolved at a nice steady rate, and by looking at the teeth of the voles which are buried at the same level as the remains you can tell how old everything is.

 And I say to myself...




  1. My mind is duly boggling, not at the vole clocks which seem an eminently sensible way to date things, but MOUSTACHE UKELELES??? Are you sure you haven't made that one up!>??

  2. Made it up????

    Oh ye of little faith! Follow this link:

    And marvel...