Friday, 1 February 2013

How old is madness?

I'm sure everyone is familiar with this irregular verb:

I have an independent mind
You are eccentric
He is round the twist.

 Analysis of the DNA of Neanderthals shows that some of them did have the genetic marker which sometimes leads humans to develop schizophrenia.

 The Neanderthals in SONG HUNTER live so close to each other, and depend upon each other so much: what would happen if the strongest of them was mad?

 All you could do is humour him.

But what if the course he is set on is going to lead you to disaster?

What could you do then?


  1. This is a problem to be sure but even modern leaders are sometimes not entirely normal and have masses of followers...rebellion or flight is probably the answer. I'd flee, myself. As far as possible. But then how would I dress my dead mammoth for tea without the help of the tribe? Oh, it's good to be a 21st century person who can simply read about such things!

  2. "even modern leaders are sometimes not entirely normal"

    Good grief, there we have the political history of the world in eight words.